Guidelines for chairing NZPPS conference sessions

The Society has for some years distributed guidelines to its authors for the writing and more recently for the oral presentation of their work. In continuation with this practice the Society has prepared guidelines for Session Chairs.

There are varying styles of Chairing conference sessions and it is not the intent of these guidelines to remove the individual flavour different Session Chairs bring to our conferences, rather that, within each style minimum standards are maintained.

Before the conference

Chairs will be sent copies of all papers to be delivered in their agreed session. These papers should be read and salient comments made during your summary at the end of the session (see later).

Before the session (usually between sessions)

Meet all the speakers in your session and determine if any changes to the programme have to be made and ask for some background information on the speakers. The Session convenor will help arrange these meetings.

There will be someone in charge of audio-visual equipment and this should not be your concern.

During the session

The session must be kept to time.

Each paper has been allocated 17-18 minutes. Authors are given 12 minutes to present a summary of their work. The remaining time is given over to discussion of the paper and/or general discussion of the topic. If the papers are similar you may wish to consider approaching the authors to have a joint general discussion at the end of the deliveries.

At the end of the session

Following the question time for the final speaker in the session the Chair should summarise the session, the salient points made and the relationship(s) between the papers (if such relationship(s) exists).

At the end of the session all speakers (and their co-authors) should be thanked for their presentations.

Thank you, as a session Chair, for helping make another NZPPS conference a success.