Guidelines for chairing sessions

The NZPPS conference embraces a range of styles for chairing conference sessions. These guidelines are provided to assist Session Chairs with their chairing duties.

Before the conference

Session Chairs will be sent copies of the abstracts for all presentations in their session. Please read these abstracts so you can make salient comments made during your summary at the end of the session.

Before the session (usually between sessions)

Try to meet all the speakers in your session and ask for background information on them. There will be someone in charge of audio-visual equipment.

During the session

The session must be kept to time.

Each talk has been allocated 15 minutes. Authors are given 10 minutes to present their work and the remaining time is allotted for the Session Chair to briefly introduce each speaker before the talk and to lead a discussion of the presentation afterwards.

At the end of the session

Following the question time for the final speaker, the Chair should summarise the session and thank the speakers for their presentations.

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