Membership of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society is open to all groups and individuals with an interest in all aspects of biology, ecology and control of weeds, vertebrate and invertebrate pests, and pathogens and beneficial micro-organisms in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and natural ecosystems. The scope of relevant activity includes everything from pre-border evaluation of biosecurity risks, through eradication of newly-established invaders, to the management and control of well-established weeds, pests and diseases of pasture, arable and horticultural crops, and conservation.

Members include scientists, commercial company representatives, growers, foresters, and regional and local government. All are interested in sharing information and promoting plant protection in New Zealand.

The objectives of the Society are:

  1. To pool and exchange information on the biology of weeds, invertebrate and vertebrate pests, pathogens and beneficial organisms and methods for modifying their effects.
  2. To hold an annual conference and publish a scientific journal.
  3. To administer trust funds for the furtherance of plant protection science, education and extension in New Zealand.
  4. To affiliate with similar societies throughout the world.

More information is available in the Rules of the Society.


The use of the logo of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society is for the sole purpose of activities, products, events and collaborations of the Society and must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Society. The Society reserves the right to review any such use at any time.