Since 2000, the Society has run a one-day symposium in association with each of its Annual Conferences. The proceedings from many of these symposia are later published as books or abstracts, available from our website.

12 August 2019: Phytophthora Symposium (abstracts available)

07 August 2017: Opening the eyes and minds of biosecurity: Facilitating the pragmatic uptake of knowledge for biosecurity

08 August 2016: Psa Symposium

10 August 2015: Managing Wilding Conifers in New Zealand: 12 Years On (programme)

11 August 2014: The plant protection data toolbox: On beyond t, F and χ (book)

12 August 2013: Risk analysis for imports and exports (abstracts)

13 August 2012: A Snapshot of Psa (Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae) (abstracts)

11 August 2011: Tomato potato psyllid and Liberibacter in solanaceous crops (abstracts and links to full papers)

08 August 2011: Utilising Plant Defence for Pest Control (book)

09 August 2010: Paddock to PCR: Demystifying Molecular Technologies for Practical Plant Protection (book)

10 August 2009: Microbial Products: Exploiting Microbial Diversity for Sustainable Plant Production (book)

11 August 2008: Surveillance for Biosecurity: Pre-Border to Pest Management (book)

13 August 2007: Future Challenges in Crop Protection: Repositioning New Zealand’s Primary Industries for the Future (book)

08 August 2005: Biosecurity: Technologies for Pest Eradication

09 August 2004: Integrated Pest Management

11 August 2003: Managing Wilding Conifers in New Zealand: Present and Future (book)

12 August 2002: Defending the Green Oasis: New Zealand Biosecurity and Science (book)

07 August 2000: Plant Protection Challenges in Organic Production (book)