The New Zealand Plant Protection Society publishes original research papers on all aspects of biology, ecology and control of weeds, vertebrate and invertebrate pests, and pathogens and beneficial micro-organisms in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and natural ecosystems. Poster papers will be published in the back of New Zealand Plant Protection as an abstract of less than 240 words (including title, authors and addresses). Posters can be used to report short complete work, negative results, interesting one-off observations, new techniques, etc. that do not justify a full paper.

It is a requirement that all abstracts published in our journal are presented as a poster at the Society’s Conference. At least one of the contributing authors must be a current member of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society. Because New Zealand Plant Protection is pre-printed and circulated to delegates before the conference, submission deadlines must be strictly adhered to.

Submission of poster abstracts

Poster abstracts must be submitted via the NZPP journal website by 15 May. The author must obtain approvals from all co-authors and their organisation before abstract submission. The written abstract should use the template available from the website, which follows the style used in New Zealand Plant Protection 63 (2010) or a subsequent issue. Once submitted, the editor may suggest changes to the text and a response to these suggestions must be received within 5 days.

Preparation of posters

Excellence in presentation is essential. Professional finish and standards are expected. Hand written material is not acceptable. Please consider the following points when preparing your poster.

  • Posters should be prepared in A0 size (841 mm × 1189 mm).
  • Ensure a gap of at least 30 mm between photographs, tables and word summaries.
  • In general, the minimum size for photographs is 150 mm x 100 mm unless compilations of photographs are used where a smaller size may be appropriate.
  • Print size for headings should be at least 20 mm for upper case and 15 mm for lower case.
  • Written information should be double spaced and in bold type at least 4 mm high. Use lowercase as much as possible.
  • The word limit for scripts is 500 words.
  • Scripts should only include the key points of methods, results and discussion/conclusions.
  • Use bullet point form wherever possible.
  • Explain the content of photographs briefly.
  • Tables should be summarised to key points. An average of 10-15 numbers/entries per table is considered suitable.
  • Authors are encouraged to include a 75 mm x 75 mm personal photograph (head only) in the upper right hand corner.

Presentation of posters

Poster boards are provided and posters must be set up no later than 10.30 a.m. on the first day of the conference. Velcro tape for attachment of your poster will also be provided. Authors must be available for discussion and queries during the poster session.