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New Zealand Plant Protection 63 (2010): 241-247

The Australian dampwood termite, Porotermes adamsoni, in New Zealand

H.G. Pearson, S.J. Bennett, B.A. Philip and D.C. Jones


Porotermes adamsoni (Australian dampwood termite) has been intercepted on infested timber of Australian origin at ports in New Zealand on numerous occasions. Porotermes adamsoni attacks dead and living trees (principally Eucalyptus species). There are three known extant colonies of P. adamsoni in New Zealand, Lyttelton in Canterbury, and Kaipara Flats and Newmarket in Auckland. Surveillance operations to delimit the extent of the termite incursion at Kaipara Flats and Newmarket are outlined. Biosecurity considerations are discussed.

Keywords: Porotermes adamsoni, survey, eradication.

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