Changes to Journal and Conference

At the August 2019 AGM, members voted to make substantial changes to the way in which the annual conference and journal are operated, with the following three motions being carried:

1.  Authors of papers published in the journal are not required to present their work at the Society’s annual conference, and presenters at the conference are not required to publish their work in the journal.

2.  The journal will be published in freely accessible online format only.

3.  At least one author must be a member of the NZPPS and authors of accepted papers will be required to pay a publication fee to cover cost of layout & publication.

So what does this mean in reality?


  • People wanting to present a talk or a poster at the conference will need to submit an abstract using the online form which will be available at The deadline for abstracts in 2020 is 15 March.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and successful candidates will be informed by 8 May.
  • Abstracts will be collated into an Abstract booklet. Printed copies of this booklet will be available at the conference and an online version will be published after the conference.
  • Authors of papers accepted by New Zealand Plant Protection will be automatically eligible for a presentation at the conference if they wish.


  • At least one author must be a member of the NZPPS.
  • Authors no longer need to submit an abstract to the journal ahead of their manuscript.
  • Authors can submit manuscripts at any time of the year.
  • Poster abstracts will no longer be published in the journal.
  • There are no longer any page charges. Instead, in 2020, authors will be required to pay an article processing fee of NZ$420 +GST if their manuscript is accepted. Where the first author is a student currently enrolled at a New Zealand tertiary education institution, the fee will be NZ$350 +GST.
  • Papers will not be published until the correct fee has been paid.
  • Each paper will be published online at with page numbers and a unique doi once it is ready.

What you need to do:

  1. Write your 300-word abstract and submit it at by 15 March 2020
  2. Download the New Zealand Plant Protection manuscript template, write your paper and submit it to the Journal as soon as it is ready.

Also, please remember to:

  • cite all relevant NZPP papers in any manuscript you write for any journal; and
  • share the link or doi (not the pdf) of each of your NZPP papers with colleagues, on ResearchGate and on other websites.

Feel free to contact NZPPS Secretary Jenny Taylor at if you have any questions.

Dr Eirian Jones & Dr Ruth Falshaw