Plant Protection in Organic Arable and Vegetable Crops

Book Cover: Plant Protection in Organic Arable and Vegetable Crops

D. Teulon, P. Cameron, G. Bourdot and D. Curtin (2005)
ISBN 0-478-10843-5

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Developed to address a perceived lack of information on pest, disease and weed management in organic farming in New Zealand, this new book is an invaluable resource for organic arable and vegetable growers and their consultants, as well as for those considering a move to reduced chemical usage or organics. Beginning with the central principles of soil health and the management of pests, disease and weeds in organic growing, the book also contains standalone chapters on those pest, disease and weed problems specific to eight arable crop (barley, borage, clover seed, lentils, grass seed, linseed, maize and wheat) and nine vegetable crops (asparagus, brassicas, capsicums, carrots, onions, process peas, potatoes, squash and tomatoes), together with information on recommended organic control methods. Throughout, anecdotal material has been deliberately avoided - instead draft chapters of the book were circulated among scientists, growers and consultants for practical, objective feedback and sound evidence to incorporate into the final text. Wherever possible, information has been related to New Zealand conditions and to current organic certification standards.

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