New Zealand Plant Protection terms of use

New Zealand Plant Protection has been published under various names since 1948:

In all cases, copyright is held by the New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.), who reserve all rights except as laid out below.

  1. All papers published in New Zealand Plant Protection and its predecessor journals as listed above are the exclusive property of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society. The Society reserves the right of the first publication of such papers in complete form.
  2. Following publication in New Zealand Plant Protection, the Society has no objection to publication in condensed form, as long as the full reference to the original paper is given.
  3. Reproduction in full of any published paper can only be carried out with the permission of the Society.
  4. The Society has no objections to publishing the website location of any particular paper.
  5. The Society is not responsible for statements or opinions advanced in papers and shall not be liable for the commercial performance of any products or any losses arising from the use of the information contained therein.

Any enquiries regarding these terms of use should be directed to the Secretary.