Since 2000, the Society has run a one-day symposium in association with each of its Annual Conferences. The proceedings from many of these symposia are later published as books or abstracts, available from our website.

7 August 2017: Opening the eyes and minds of biosecurity: Facilitating the pragmatic uptake of knowledge for biosecurity (programme)

11 August 2014: The plant protection data toolbox: On beyond t, F and χ (programme)

12 August 2013: Risk analysis for imports and exports (abstracts)

13 August 2012: A Snapshot of Psa (Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae) (abstracts)

11 August 2011: Tomato potato psyllid and Liberibacter in solanaceous crops (abstracts and links to full papers)

8 August 2011: Utilising Plant Defence for Pest Control (book in preparation)

9 August 2010: Paddock to PCR: Demystifying Molecular Technologies for Practical Plant Protection (book)

10 August 2009: Microbial Products: Exploiting Microbial Diversity for Sustainable Plant Production (book)

11 August 2008: Surveillance for Biosecurity: Pre-Border to Pest Management (book)

13 August 2007: Future Challenges in Crop Protection: Repositioning New Zealandís Primary Industries for the Future (book)

8 August 2005: Biosecurity: Technologies for Pest Eradication

9 August 2004: Integrated Pest Management

11 August 2003: Managing Wilding Conifers in New Zealand: Present and Future (book)

12 August 2002: Defending the Green Oasis: New Zealand Biosecurity and Science (book)

7 August 2000: Plant Protection Challenges in Organic Production (book)