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New Zealand Plant Protection 67 (2014): 267-273

A new pest management research facility: Scion's large-scale precision track sprayer

S.F. Gous, T.M. Withers and A.J. Hewitt


A new large scale precision track sprayer has been developed and evaluated for spray deposition and pesticide application research under controlled conditions. The spray room is fitted with a 4 m wide electrically driven boom, suspended 4 m above ground, running on a 12 m long I-beam. It is fitted with 9 independently controlled shut off valves and nozzles. Sprays can be applied to live plant canopies up to 3 m tall within a 2 m × 3 m sample area. The number, location and type of nozzle on the boom can be altered, as can spray liquid pressure and boom speed, in order to simulate a wide range of spray application scenarios. Calibration of the large-scale precision track sprayer has been undertaken for a range of droplet spectra, from extremely coarse to very fine. This paper documents the calibration results and discusses the potential use of this facility for pesticide application research.

Keywords: pesticide application, spray deposition, calibration, pest management.

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