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New Zealand Plant Protection 65 (2012): 291

The seed bug Nysius caledoniae recently established in New Zealand - is it a crop pest?

G.M. Burnip and S. George


Nysius caledoniae was first detected in 2006 on a Pukekohe lettuce crop. Species designation was initially not possible but subsequent taxonomic review of the Nysius genus concluded it was Nysius caledoniae (Lygaeidae); synonymous with N. turneri, N. cleavelandensis and N. pacificus. Previous unidentified Nysius specimens were subsequently identified as N. caledoniae, the earliest from Auckland in 2003, suggesting establishment prior to 2006. A recent Northland collection was 188 km north of Pukekohe. Its actual New Zealand distribution is likely much greater. Its biology is similar to N. huttoni. Primary food sources are Asteraceae weed seeds. It has potential as a quarantine pest on export crops, similar to N. huttoni. For example, in USA pre-clearance apple export inspections, N. huttoni accounted for ca 13% of all phytosanitary inspection failures during 1994

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