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New Zealand Plant Protection 65 (2012): 249-255

Botrytis cinerea control on Sauvignon blanc using a recycling sprayer

V. Raw, D.C. Mundy, A.R.G McLachlan, C. Clifford and M. Walter


The New Zealand wine industry is strongly committed to sustainable production. The SprayPro R-series sprayer is designed to recycle unused chemical sprays not deposited on the target area. Sauvignon blanc vines in Marlborough, New Zealand, were studied during 2011/2012. The vineyard area was 5 ha at 80% flowering, where the full canopy was sprayed, and 10 ha at pre bunch closure (PBC) targeting the fruiting zone only. Disease control efficacy of spray recycling was investigated using Botrytis cinerea as the model pathogen. Pathogen colonisation of necrotic leaf discs placed in the canopy at 80% flowering and PBC showed even control of B. cinerea. At PBC, 80% of the water-sensitive papers had adequate to excellent coverage. Botrytis bunch rot incidence and severity were evenly expressed throughout the block but increased during pre-harvest; severity was well below the 3% economic threshold. Recycling of botryticides did not affect disease control.

Keywords: SprayPro R-series sprayer, Botrytis cinerea, 80% flowering, pre bunch closure.

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