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New Zealand Plant Protection 65 (2012): 197-203

A virus survey of New Zealand fresh, process and seed potato crops during 2010-11

J.D. Fletcher


A survey of 35 potato crops for potato viruses X, Y, S, M, A and leafroll was completed in three regions of New Zealand. PVS was the most widespread virus, with incidences of up to 100% in most crops. PVM and PVA were present in around one-third of crops, with PVM incidence at 100% in 11 crops. The incidence of PVA was always below 3.5%. PVYN was present in 17% of crops. Within crops, PVY incidence reached 100% in two crops but in the remaining five crops was 50% or lower. Potato leafroll virus was detected in only five crops at 2% or less, and similarly PVX in three crops at 1% incidence. Over 20 years PVS has increased in incidence whereas PVX, PVY, PVYN and PLRV have decreased. Of some concern is the apparent increase in the incidence of PVM. Likely reasons for these changes in virus incidence are discussed along with future virus management recommendations.

Keywords: survey, Potato virus X, Potato virus Y, Potato virus S, Potato virus M, Potato virus A, Potato leafroll virus, PVYN.

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