Book Cover: Utilising Plant Defence for Pest Control

Edited by K.V. Wurms, A.J. Popay, N.L. Bell and M.V. Jaspers (2013)
ISBN 978-0-473-24800-0

Plant defence is an essential tool for helping to control pests, but there are currently many challenges to using it to full potential. In 2011, the New Zealand Plant Protection Society organised a symposium entitled "Utilising Plant Defence for Pest Control" to address ways in which plant defence can be used and the challenges around using it. The eleven papers contained in this publication give local and international examples of how plant defence has been used to overcome insect, disease and weed pests. Topics covered include: plant defence cross talk; use of elicitors; manipulation of volatiles; use of symbiotic endophytes and mycorrhizal fungi; and allelopathy. Limitations of plant defence are discussed, along with suggestions to mitigate problems. This book will serve as a thought-provoking treatise on a topic that is becoming increasingly important in global horticultural and agricultural husbandry.

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Book Cover: Paddock to PCR: Demystifying Molecular Technologies for Practical Plant Protection

Edited by H.J. Ridgway, T.R. Glare, S.A. Wakelin and M. O'Callaghan (2011)
ISBN 978-0-473-18220-5

Molecular biology, and particularly the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), is a relatively new science but has contributed immensely to enhancing the productivity of, and solving problems in, New Zealand's primary industries. Currently, a large and often daunting array of molecular techniques is available for researchers. The goal of the "Paddock to PCR" symposium was to inform plant protection researchers about the potential, pitfalls, advances and applications in molecular biology by providing examples of where it has been used in a practical setting. It included keynote speakers from Australia and the USA and brought together both those already using molecular techniques as well as those having limited familiarity with this type of research. This book presents the papers written by the speakers, starting with a well balanced introduction that sets the scene and explains the basics of the science. Highlights include papers on next generation sequencing as a tool to increase the rate and quantity of information gathered; the use of microsatellites to track, release and recapture plant pathogens to gather information on dispersal within paddocks and across continents; the application of bioinformatics to assimilate the vast amount of information acquired with modern molecular biology; an explanation of LAMP PCR as a novel biosecurity tool; and easy-to-understand descriptions of advanced molecular techniques such as denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism and microarrays. This will be a valuable source of information for traditional plant protection scientists as well as a reference for molecular biologists.

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Book Cover: The Plant Protection Data Toolbox

Edited by R.M. Beresford, K.J. Froud, J.M. Kean and S.P. Worner (2015)
ISBN 978-0-473-33312-6

Primary production is increasingly at risk from biosecurity, phytosanitary and pest management threats that require plant protection scientists to utilise new analysis and modelling methods. Researchers must be able to support informed decision making and provide objective advice based on quantitative analyses at a range of levels from regulatory agencies to industry managers and right down to on-farm or on-orchard disease pest management. However, it is increasingly difficult for those scientists to keep up with rapid developments in quantitative biology as well as maintaining their skills and knowledge in systematics, physiology, molecular biology and other areas of plant science. This book gives an up-to-date picture of selected new techniques that go beyond standard statistical and numerical approaches. Four areas are addressed: decision support to assess risk and evaluate uncertainty, data analysis for detection of plant protection threats, multivariate analysis and computational intelligence and data mining in plant protection.

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