Book Cover: Utilising Plant Defence for Pest Control

Edited by K.V. Wurms, A.J. Popay, N.L. Bell and M.V. Jaspers (2013)
ISBN 978-0-473-24800-0

Plant defence is an essential tool for helping to control pests, but there are currently many challenges to using it to full potential. In 2011, the New Zealand Plant Protection Society organised a symposium entitled "Utilising Plant Defence for Pest Control" to address ways in which plant defence can be used and the challenges around using it. The eleven papers contained in this publication give local and international examples of how plant defence has been used to overcome insect, disease and weed pests. Topics covered include: plant defence cross talk; use of elicitors; manipulation of volatiles; use of symbiotic endophytes and mycorrhizal fungi; and allelopathy. Limitations of plant defence are discussed, along with suggestions to mitigate problems. This book will serve as a thought-provoking treatise on a topic that is becoming increasingly important in global horticultural and agricultural husbandry.

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Book Cover: Microbial Products: Exploiting Microbial Diversity for Sustainable Plant Production

Edited by S.M. Zydenbos and T.A. Jackson (2010)
ISBN 978-0-473-16531-4

Microbes and their metabolites are poised to play an increasingly important role in agricultural systems as plant protection and growth promotion agents. The impetus for change has been driven by consumer and market demands for products with "no-detectable" chemical residues and minimal environmental impacts. These goals can be achieved by harnessing naturally occurring micro-organisms to provide beneficial services of value to agriculture and other industries. An international symposium entitled "Microbial Products: Exploiting Microbial Diversity for Sustainable Plant Production" was held in Dunedin, New Zealand, to investigate the development, production and marketing of microbial products. The symposium speakers came from four continents, and a wide variety of topics was covered, including biocontrol of insects, nematodes and diseases, bioherbicides, bioremediation and plant growth promotion. This book presents the papers written by the speakers and provides insights into the selection of effective strains, production and formulation of the microbes, delivery and application to the targets, regulatory issues and steps for successful commercialisation of microbial products. It will be a particularly valuable source of information for both researchers and companies developing microbial products anywhere in the world.

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